August Baby Peridot Necklace

August Baby Peridot Necklace

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Illuminate your look with this 15.5-inch peridot necklace, reflecting August’s green hues. Each handpicked peridot, shines alongside 10k gold beads, adding a sunny, elegant touch. The necklace, featuring a removable 10k gold clasp, is tailored to suit your style. Ideal for brightening your daily outfits or adding a pop of color to evening wear, it celebrates the joy and vitality of August.


• Bright, faceted peridot stones with a lively green color.
• 10k gold beads adding a sunny accent.
• A unique, removable 10k gold clasp for varied styling.
• A cheerful 15.5-inch length for day-to-night wear.
• Ideal for August birthdays, symbolizing joy and prosperity.

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