July Baby Ruby Necklace

July Baby Ruby Necklace

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Make a bold statement with this 15.5-inch ruby necklace, celebrating the fiery passion of July’s birthstone. Each natural, faceted ruby radiates a deep, vibrant red, set against the shimmer of 10k gold beads for a truly regal look. This necklace, with its unique and removable 10k gold clasp, offers versatile elegance. Perfect for everyday flair or evening glamour, it’s a celebration of your style and the intensity of July.


• Vibrant, natural faceted rubies symbolizing passion and energy.
• Accented with sparkling 10k gold beads.
• Handcrafted, removable 10k gold clasp.
• A striking 15.5-inch length suitable for any event.
• Perfect for July birthdays, embodying love and vitality.

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