June Baby White Pearl Necklace

June Baby White Pearl Necklace

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Embrace the timeless charm of June with this elegant 15.5-inch white seed pearl necklace. Each delicate pearl, chosen for its lustrous sheen, pairs beautifully with 10k gold beads, creating a classic, refined look. The necklace’s unique, removable 10k gold clasp allows you to style it your way. Perfect for adding a touch of grace to everyday attire or special occasions, it celebrates the purity and elegance of June.


• Lustrous white seed pearls for a classic, refined look.
• Complemented with subtle 10k gold beads.
• Removable 10k gold clasp, allowing for various styles.
• A versatile 15.5-inch length, perfect for layering or solo wear.
• Celebrates June birthdays with timeless elegance.

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