June Baby Gray Pearl Necklace

June Baby Gray Pearl Necklace

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Step into sophistication with this 15.5-inch gray rice pearl necklace, an ode to June’s subtle beauty. Natural, lustrous gray rice pearls align with 10k gold beads, offering a unique, refined glow. The necklace, featuring a bespoke, removable 10k gold clasp, adapts to your personal style. Ideal for daily wear or evening elegance, it complements your outfits, highlighting the understated charm of June.


• Unique gray rice pearls with a natural sheen.
• Delicate 10k gold beads adding a contemporary touch.
• A bespoke, removable 10k gold clasp for multiple looks.
• Perfect 15.5-inch length for every occasion.
• A modern twist on traditional June birthstone jewelry.

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