December Baby Tanzanite Necklace

December Baby Tanzanite Necklace

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Step into December’s charm with this 15.5-inch tanzanite necklace, showcasing the month’s captivating blue-violet tones. Natural, faceted tanzanites, each chosen for their mesmerizing color, align with 10k gold beads, lending an air of mystique and elegance. The necklace, featuring a handmade, removable 10k gold clasp, is designed for versatility.


• Mesmerizing blue-violet tanzanite stones for a unique allure.
• Accented with sophisticated 10k gold beads.
• A bespoke, removable 10k gold clasp for personalized style.
• An enchanting 15.5-inch length for versatility and charm.
• Celebrates December birthdays with a hint of mystery and beauty.

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