May Baby Emerald Necklace

May Baby Emerald Necklace

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Add a touch of luxury with this 15.5-inch emerald necklace, capturing the essence of May’s lush greenery. Natural, faceted emeralds, each radiating an enchanting green, are interspersed with 10k gold beads, lending an air of regal elegance. The necklace, with its handmade, removable 10k gold clasp, offers personalized elegance. Ideal for enhancing both casual and formal outfits.


• Natural, faceted emeralds.
• 10k gold beads enhancing the necklace’s royal allure.
• Handmade, removable clasp in 10k gold for style flexibility.
• 15.5 inches of elegance, ideal for any ounfit.
• For May birthdays, representing richness and renewal.

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